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Company founded in 1959

In October 1959, Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH started its new service, the mobile testing and regulation of permanently installed volume meters for liquids.

The first customers

Mineral oil industry, mineral oil trade, ship and tanker loading stations, air service stations, filling stations and tanker operators were and still are our customers. They all depend on the high measurement stability and reliable operation of their installed measurement systems.

The new offer: Mobile testing

The great advantage – testing the measuring system on site in its installed state using mobile test vehicles – very quickly proved to be a cost-effective solution involving little effort for the operator. Long downtimes and complicated removal of the volume meters were no longer necessary.With variable universal test vehicles, all volume meters could be tested quickly and reliably.

From these beginnings, one of the largest mobile service companies of its kind in Europe was born.

Further business areas

Over the years, other service areas were added, such as the maintenance area. This business area includes the maintenance and repair of tank facilities for flammable water-polluting liquids.

The planning and execution of plant adaptations in accordance with the applicable standards and other statutory regulations became a further service offering.

Another business area developed through the acceptance and inspection of tank facilities or their temporary or permanent decommissioning or dismantling (cleaning, disposal, scrapping, recycling).

Support and advice during plant inspections, the determination of necessary measures and the development of concepts in cooperation with the responsible TÜV and responsible authorities are further service areas today.

Second location in Leuna

In October 1997, the WPD branch was established at the chemical site in Leuna. Here, a repair and testing service for liquid measuring instruments of all manufacturers in the custody transfer and non-custody transfer area was established.

Flow ranges of up to 1,200 m³/h can be covered with the test rigs set up in Leuna. When repairs are required, we are able to guarantee short turnaround times.

Today, WPD Wartungs- und Prüfdienste GmbH has over 60 employees who are on duty every day serving our customers throughout Europe.

Der Einsatz von mobilen Prüffahrzeugen erwies sich sehr schnell als kostengünstige und mit wenig Aufwand verbundene Lösung.

Aus den Anfängen entstand eines der größten mobilen Dienstleistungsunternehmen für Wartung und Instandsetzung von Tankanlagen in Europa.

An unserem Standort in Leuna entstand ein Reparatur- und Prüfungsdienst für Flüssigkeitsmessgeräte aller Hersteller.

WPD Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH

Your experts for maintenance, testing and calibration of high-precision liquid measuring systems

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