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Decommissioning of Bremen-Farge tank farm

The dimensions are enormous: 7.5 km of above-ground and 125 km of underground pipelines on a total area of 320 hectares. That is an area the size of 2 x Monaco. The Bremen-Farge underground tank farm was an installation without equal anywhere in the world. 78 huge kerosene tanks each with a length of 53 meters, a diameter of 10 meters and a capacity of 4 million liters formed the core of the underground facility.

The tank farm was built by the Nazis between 1935 and 1943 as a reserve for fuel. Später versorgte die US-Armee daraus ihre Luftwaffe mit Flugbenzin. In 1960, the facility became the property of the German Armed Forces, which awarded the contract for technical decommissioning to WPD in 2013. No other company was able to demonstrate the necessary expertise to take on such a major contract or was willing to take responsibility for it.

WPD not only “explosion-proofed” the huge plant in the first stage of the project, but also made it safe for traffic by subsequently dismantling the above-ground facilities. The site is now available for environmentally sound land use planning. For more information on the story, visit

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