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Maintenance and servicing of tank installations

Our service portfolio

With our specially trained personnel, we take care of the maintenance, inspection and servicing of your tank installations and refueling equipment.

Customers from the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industry, the paint and coatings industry, the food industry and numerous energy suppliers have been relying on our know-how for years.

We maintain and test for you:

  • Explosion-proof, endurance burning-proof and detonation-proof valves as well as pressure and vacuum relief valves
  • Filter water separators
  • System pressure control valves, pump start-up valves, filter water separator valves and pantographs
  • Leak detection systems of double bottoms, double-walled pipelines and storage tanks
  • Overfill protection systems, level gauges and limit switches
  • Loading, unloading and blending systems
  • Cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) and lightning protection systems on storage tanks and piping systems

More services

We are also happy to undertake for you:

  • Leak tests on underground and above-ground storage tanks and piping systems
  • Decommissioning, shutdown and dismantling of tank facilities
  • Tank cleaning and tank overhaul
  • Preparation of necessary measures for the performance of expert inspections
  • Expert inspections of electrical systems and equipment
  • Work on electrical, measuring and control equipment                                 
Wolfgang Zettler
Our expert and head of maintenance

Wolfgang Zettler

advises you on the maintenance and repair of your tank systems.

Location Speyer headquarters
Phone +49 6232 9194652
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