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Technical decommissioning of tank farms

We accompany you in the energy transition

The number of German refinery sites will decrease significantly. Oil companies will transform into integrated energy companies.

WPD is your reliable partner when it comes to decommissioning tank facilities.

We take over for you

  • take care of the preparatory operational measures for decommissioning,
  • take care of the legally required inspection and maintenance work, and
  • monitor the legally compliant dismantling.

This applies to all technical systems and equipment that may come into contact with fuels and gases of any kind.

Technical decommissioning of the world’s largest underground tank facility

With 78 huge kerosene tanks, the Bremen-Farge underground tank farm was an installation without equal anywhere in the world.

WPD not only “explosion-proofed” the huge facility in the first stage of the project, but also made it safe for traffic by subsequently dismantling the facilities.

Technische Stilllegung der weltgrößten unterirdischen Tankanlage

Das unterirdische Tanklager Bremen-Farge war mit 78 riesigen Kerosintanks eine Installation, die weltweit ihresgleichen suchte.

WPD hat die riesige Anlage in der ersten Projektstufe nicht nur „explosionsfrei“, sondern durch den daraufhin erfolgten Rückbau der Anlagen auch verkehrssicher gemacht.

Tank system appraisals

Wolfgang Zettler
Our expert and head of maintenance

Wolfgang Zettler

advises you on the maintenance and repair of your tank systems.

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