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Compliance, integrity and sustainability

Our customers are our focus

Our corporate success is based on a very good relationship with our customers. We think and act from the perspective of our customers and place their requirements at the center of our activities.

Our philosophy of customer centricity requires us to conduct regular retrospectives in which we scrutinize our actions and our orientation in order to align ourselves optimally with the goals and wishes of our customers. ISO 9001/2015 supports us in our continuous improvement and is our guideline in our daily activities.

Versatility is our strength

When we talk about quality, it goes beyond trouble-free plants, fittings and measuring equipment: downtimes are to be avoided or kept as short as possible. For our employees, the trouble-free process flow of our customers is an important benchmark in the implementation of our service tasks.

Service and know-how

transfer We meet our customers’ high demands on service quality with our accredited and certified employees. In cooperation with you, our technicians and engineers always achieve a system-oriented solution on site. Quality and efficiency have a very high priority with us.

After maintenance and inspection of the system, our customers receive instruction or training from us upon request. This will also provide all your employees who service the system with timely knowledge of the legal requirements for the valves and measuring devices to be tested. The services provided by our experienced staff can help you get the most out of your equipment.


For our family-owned company, sustainability means assuming economic, ecological and social responsibility. We place special emphasis on long-term partnerships with our customers and our suppliers. Our company is shaped by us and our employees in a spirit of collegial cooperation. Our employees and their families are our most valuable asset. Together we possess a great deal of know-how and assume special responsibility for each other. Therefore, no colleague is “simply replaceable”, but each individual is important for the success of our community. Translated with (free version)

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